The World Wildlife Fund announced competition for grants

The World Wildlife Fund announced competition for grants

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) invites all wishing to take part in the competition for small (up to 20,000 US dollars) and large (up to 150,000 US dollars) grants under the grant program for the Mountains of Central Asia Biodiversity Hotspot, designated for five years.

A brief information on the competition: Competitions for the small grant in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan will be held from April 20 to May 20, 2020, and for the large grant – at the end of April, 2020 the program is co-ordinated by the WWF branch in Russia and financed by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, CEPF, based in 2000. The ecosystem is in a critical situation today.

All materials under grant programs, including fact-finding video-seminars, are accessible to acquaintance and downloading at the site

On April 28 at 09:30 in Ashgabat it is planned to hold an information-consulting seminar for all those interested in grants of the organisations.

For reception of the additional information it is possible to contact the country co-ordinator of the program in Turkmenistan Begench Atamuradov by phone: +99362 377547 and e-mail

Besides, all interested persons can familiarise with the additional information here and here.

The mission of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is prevention of accruing degradation of habitat of the planet and achievement of harmony between human and nature. The organisation’s overall objective is preservation of the biological diversity of the Earth.