THE WORLD TODAY: Saudi Arabia convenes leaders of the Arab world, and Holland celebrates its triumph at Eurovision-2019

King of Saudi Arabia convened an emergency summit of Arab leaders

Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud called on leaders of the Arab world to hold an emergency summit against the background of aggravated relations with Iran. The meeting will be held May 30 in Mecca, according to Al Arabiya. The invitations were sent to the leaders of the countries of the Arab League and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

On the twelfth of May, four tankers of the United Arab Emirates were subjected to sabotage alongside their territorial waters of the United Arab Emirates. Also a couple of days later, the Saudi Arabian central oil pipeline was attacked by unmanned aircraft of the Yemeni rebel movement Ansar Allah (Hussites). The Ministry of Defense of Saudi Arabia made a statement that the Hussites attacked the pipeline by order of Tehran.

Eurovision – 2019 – Holland’s Triumph

The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will be hosted by the Netherlands: the representative of this country Duncan Lawrence became the first in the super final of the competition in Tel Aviv.

Lawrence with his song “Arcade”, having received 492 points and a glass microphone from the hands of last year’s winner Netta Barzilai, justified the stakes of bookmakers, who invariably called him the leader before and during the competition.

The last time Holland won Eurovision 44 years ago.

Italian rapper Alessandro Mahmoud with a composition called “Soldi” received 465 points and became the second. Sergey Lazarev from Russia with the song “Scream” – took the third place.

China has begun a total boycott of Apple in support of Huawei

In connection with the exacerbation of the trade war with the United States, China began to massively call on the local social network Weibo to boycott Apple products in support of the Chinese Huawei. This was reported by BuzzFeed resource.

Last week, the United States dealt a double blow to Huawei Technologies. Companies are not banned from purchasing of “vital US technology” without a special permit, and Huawei equipment itself has been banned.

The Weibo social network compares the iPhone and Huawei smartphones, paying attention to the advantages of the latter. Many users have even expressed their willingness to change the smartphone from the iPhone to “domestic”.

This is not the first time the “boycott of Apple” is gaining momentum in China. In December last year, Chinese companies boycotted the apple corporation to the extent of depriving prizes and dismissing employees who own an iPhone.

Arnold Schwarzenegger attacked in South Africa

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a famous actor and politician, was attacked in South Africa, where he held an autograph session during bodybuilding competitions Arnold Classic Africa.

“Terminator” signed autographs during the annual bodybuilding competition Arnold Classic Africa, when a man ran away and jumped on his back.

The attacker was promptly detained by the police and taken to the station, and Schwarzenegger later commented on the situation with humor, saying that he did not notice any attack and realized that he had been hit only after watching the video of what happened on the Internet later.

“Thank you for your concern, but nothing to worry about.” I thought that the crowd just pushes me, it often happens. I realized that I was hit only when I watched the video, like all of you. I am glad that this idiot did not interrupt my broadcast on Snapchat,” wrote Iron Arnie on Twitter.

UNESCO named the number of indigenous languages in the world

The total number of indigenous languages in the world is between five and six thousand, said Boyan Radoykov, head of the department for ensuring the accessibility and preservation of information of the Communication and Information Sector of UNESCO, to RIA Novosti.

Indigenous languages are languages existing in their traditional areas. In the modern world, the term is usually used in relation to small and endangered languages.

– There are about 5-6 thousand indigenous languages in the world. We, at UNESCO, are conducting, if you will, an inventory of these languages,” he said.

The interlocutor noted that the international organization has addressed to all the states of the world with a request to provide information on indigenous languages.

– Some answer, some do not, but we want to create the most complete list. If it succeeds, then it will be quite a lot … The task of UNESCO is to draw attention to the issue of indigenous languages, to inform about it, so that some important decisions will be made later, – added Radoykov.

Experts called the top five Japanese cars with which the owners do not want to replace

The experts of the specialized automobile portal TARANTAS NEWS have chosen the top five Japanese cars, which are so lived by motorists that they do not want to sell them.

Rating is headed by the Toyota Camry sedan in the back of the XV30. Second place is the second-generation Toyota RAV4 crossover. The last of the three winners is restyled Honda CR-V II generation.

The fourth place is given by experts to the Nissan X-Trail with a body T31. The fifth line of the rating is the first-generation Mazda 3. These cars primarily attract motorists by price-to-quality ratio.