The winners of the song marathon of young soloists are named in Ashgabat

The winners of the song marathon of young soloists are named in Ashgabat

In Ashgabat, it was resumed the TV contest “Ýaňlan, Diýarym!”– “I sing my Fatherland!”, which annually identifies six of the best young performers of Turkmenistan – from five regions and the capital.

The creative competition in the framework of the state contest “Turkmenin Altyn asyry” for the prize of the President of Turkmenistan once again acquainted the audience with the new names of talented young artists. The event objectives also include popularization of Turkmen folk song creativity and art of bakhshi, which does not lose its relevance in the Turkmen youth environment against the background of new directions of modern music.

The gorgeous gala concert, which became the culmination of the teleconference, was held in the Palace of Mukams of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan. According to its results, there were named winners of the creative competition, which is deservedly considered to be a springboard into the world of art for beginners.

This year the winner from the Lebap region was Guljemal Taylyeva, which has already reached the competition’s final last year. Gaining experience and courage, the goal-oriented lady has proved that hard work and unschooled talent are able to fulfill the cherished dream.

Spectators memorized well the performance of Gurbanjemal Orazdurdyeva, which became “I Sing my Fatherland – 2019” winner from Ashgabat. She inflamed the audience with a bright performance of the Turkmen national song “Amman-Amman”.

Among the contest winners are Charygeldy Ataballyev (Akhal), Garaja Garajaev (Balkan), Amangeldy Esenmyradov (Mary) and Allaberdy Amanov (Dashoguz).