The winners of the championship of Turkmenistan in tennis defined

The winners of the championship of Turkmenistan in tennis defined

Turkmenistan hosted the tennis championship in Ashgabat. A student of the Turkmen State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports Arzuv Klycheva won her first and long-awaited victory at the country’s championship in singles.

In the final, she managed to confidently defeat Anastasia Azimbaeva with a score of 6:3; 6:3. According to the athlete who plays tennis from the age of seven, this victory will stimulate her to new achievements.

The victory as a result of a stubborn struggle was won by Atlymurad Kurbanov, leaving behind his rival Yuri Rogussky. Atly together with Kurbangeldi Sahedov became the first in doubles as well.

It should be noted that in preparation for the upcoming Davis Cup zonal tennis tournament, which will be held in the summer in Ashgabat, national competitions were held according to international standards for the first time. In addition to tennis players and umpires, there were line referees and the so-called “ballboys” on the court, who controlled the game, served and gathered balls on the court.

According to representatives of the federation, this is a pilot project that they will implement in all tournaments planned for this year. In the future, work will be intensified on the training of line judges and ballboys.

Few people know, but many famous tennis players of our time were also once ballboys. For example, the Swiss tennis player, the owner of many records, Roger Federer. Ballboys not only have the opportunity to observe the technical skill of professionals and tactics of the game, but also their psychological stability.