The White House highly appreciates negotiations between the USA and the “Taliban”

The White House highly appreciates negotiations between the USA and the “Taliban”

US president Donald Trump stated that the USA has “very good” negotiations with the Taliban.

«We carry on very good negotiations with the «Taliban ». We carry on very good negotiations with the Afghani government», – Trump told journalists before returning to Washington from holiday in New Jersey.

The US president also noted that its purpose is reduction of number of armies in Afghanistan lower 13 thousand persons and preservation of “very considerable” presence of intelligence service in this country.

The USA carry on negotiations with the Taliban in whom the government of Afghanistan does not participate, however declare that the Afghani authorities should participate in regulations in the country.

«We will see how it will develop. We have reduced (presence) to approximately 13 thousand persons and we will reduce it a little more, and then we will solve (whether to remain further in Afghanistan) », – Trump told.

These words of the head of the White House say that the USA has no accurate strategy of completion of war and peace in Afghanistan. There is an understanding that in this war there are no winners that continuation of military operations senselessly and harms to all participants of the conflict.

And here the policy of end of the conflict, apparently, is developed that is called, on the move. It means that beginning the military company in Afghanistan in far 2001, Americans were sure of its success, and the plan in case something will go not so, have not prepared.

And nevertheless, the negotiation fact between the USA and the “Taliban” gives hope that the peace in Afghanistan can come in the foreseeable future, instead of remote prospect.

Thus, negotiations between the USA and the “Taliban”, certainly, are important, but the destiny of Afghanistan will be decided at negotiations of the operating Afghani government and the “Taliban”.

The USA and the Taliban, most likely, will agree. But it is more difficult and more important to provide success at negotiations between official Kabul and the “Taliban”. Perhaps, at this stage of the Afghani regulation, it would be useful to involve in negotiations as intermediaries of neighbours of Afghanistan in the region. In Central Asia it is traditionally accepted to trust neighbours and in hard time to wait from them support.

Nury Amanov