The Versailles Palace continues its digital journey through Asia

The Versailles Palace continues its digital journey through Asia

Art lovers in Shanghai will get real pleasure since a virtual exhibition of the magnificent Versailles Palace has opened here, bringing the public a visual feast as well as an exciting journey to the palace.

Created by more than 600 digital and creative artists from seven countries, the De Facto Versailles exhibition aims to show audiences from around the world the famous palace through innovative tools such as 360-degree video, holograms and virtual reality.

In total, there are 11 exhibition halls demonstrating the best heritage of the Kingdom of France, including nature, fashion, art, etc. From the hunting lodge of Louis the Eighteenth in the 17th century to the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, visitors can be able to learn about its history and be inspired to visit it personally in the future.

As an introduction, visitors pass through the virtual gate to the palace and are greeted with the voice of Louis the Fourteenth. Scientists and historians of the Palace of Versailles worked together to recreate the voice of the monarch. Analyzing his medical records and letters, they were able to synthesize the Sun King’s voice, allowing him to speak again 300 years after his death.

World-known perfumer Francis Kurkdjian designed a special perfume for the exhibition to highlight this multi-sensory journey. The unique fragrance is based on King Louis the Fourteenth’s favorite flower, the orange blossom.

One of the most beautiful open-air sculpture museums resides in the Versailles Estate. Visitors are invited to wander among these masterpieces as far as the seasons change. Using connected bicycles, they can also explore the famous gardens and the Park of Versailles.

Panoramic views, palace interiors, shows, fountains and fireworks were captured in super-resolution to make this ultra-modern image on a 16-meter-long screen.

The Palace of Versailles, one of the most popular historical sites for tourists visiting France, is famous for its buildings and garden design, as well as the presentation of French cultural and royal history.

After Shanghai, the Virtual Versailles Experience will travel to 7 more Chinese cities. The exhibition arrived in China after Singapore, where it was a guest in 2019, and it was its first presentation there. The organizers hope to hold the exhibition in other parts of Asia, in America and Africa.