The vaccine for COVID-19 by company Johnson and Johnson has caused steady immunity

The vaccine for COVID-19 by company Johnson and Johnson has caused steady immunity

The vaccine for coronavirus infection, developed by the American company Johnson and Johnson has caused the steady immune response during the first phase and the first stage of the second phase of clinical tests.

According to the data published medRxiv on the site of electronic scientific library medRxiv, 800 persons divided into two groups took part in tests. The first groups included people aged from 18 to 55 and the second – over 65. The received results bear preliminary character and have not been confirmed yet by independent experts.

Scientists have found out that antibodies for COVID-19 have appeared at 99 % of participants of clinical tests later 29 days after vaccination. By-effects, including the raised temperature, a pain in the body, weakness, headache, had weak or moderate character and passed during one – two days. Experts underline that results of tests allow continuing vaccine development.

On September 23 Johnson and Johnson started the third stage of clinical tests of the vaccine. In research 60 thousand volunteers in eight countries from three continents took part. If the preparation proves the safety and efficiency the first parties will be already accessible to certification in the beginning of 2021.

US authorities have given $1, 2 billion to the British -Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca which develops a vaccine together with scientists from Oxford University. Besides, the United States have directed for these purposes $486 million to American biotechnological company Moderna and $456 million – to Johnson and Johnson. In creation of a vaccine for COVID-19 in the USA companies Merck and Pfizer also are engaged. According to the White House, in total the administration invested $12 billion in these projects