The Turkmen team will take part in the Asian table tennis championship

The Turkmen team will take part in the Asian table tennis championship

From September 15 to September 22 (Indonesia) the Asian table tennis championship in Djakarta in which sportsmen from Turkmenistan will take also part, will be held. The team will be headed Rashid Ahmedov – a playing coach of the national team.

Table tennis – an Olympic sport since 1988, till now it is for certain not known, where this game exactly has arisen: in England, Japan or China, but it has a huge popularity all over the world.

– The earlier you will start to be engaged in table tennis, the better, – coach Rashid Ahmedov tells. – We chose children from 5 years so that for three-four years we can train well-trained players. Table tennis is actually a very difficult game, a sportsman should have developed thinking skills, physical preparation and mechanical reaction.

An important factor for excellent game is quality of facilities, even it is not an easy to choose a racket. The surface of the table rendering a great influence for the speed of flight and rotation of a ball after rebound, property of glue by which racket overlays are pasted, resistance of air – all matters. Set of technical elements, a great speed of rotation of a ball, up to 170 turns per second, – details, hardly probably audible during broadcasting of matches. What speed of reaction a person should possess to play table tennis!

Being cardio stimulating sport, table tennis is popular among older persons and former sportsmen. Age categories of competitions among veterans reach 80 years.

– In any fitness hall there is a table for game in table tennis, it is not casual, – Rashid Ahmedov tells. All is because the game in “Ping-Pong” quickly warms up muscles. It is excellent gymnastics before the basic training.

Practice of table tennis has duration of about two-two and half hours. In this time sportsmen do warm-up which necessarily includes running, gymnastics and developmental exercises.

Consistently studying game tactics, batting and defense blows, novice sportsmen develop technical possibilities.

– Once again I will repeat that table tennis is a very difficult sport, – the coach explains. – When people watch a football match, more or less all is clear, as for table tennis as well as for judo, for example, the situation is different. It is difficult to penetrate into rules and technics of these disciplines, and the smallest details here are of great importance.

On the world arena leaders in table tennis are teams of China.

The Ashgabat table tennis club tennis conducts an active selection of players for its groups. Trainers and instructors hope to bring this sport to the due level. Result of advancement is constant participation in world scale competitions.

Svetlana Mayak