The Turkmen military special forces demonstrated new equipment at the parade

The Turkmen military special forces demonstrated new equipment at the parade

Today a solemn military parade in honor of the 26th anniversary of the country’s independence was held in the main square of Ashgabat. Under the musical accompaniment of the military orchestra the personnel of various divisions of the Armed Forces marched before the rostrum.

At the sight of the slender ranks of the valiant defenders of the Motherland in the dress uniform, the parade captures the spirit, pervades the sublime sense of patriotism. Careful preparation and high level of the event determine the great significance of the military parade.

The neutrality that Turkmenistan has enjoyed since 1995, in fact, does not mean unarmed or limited development of military capabilities. Our country, whose military doctrine is purely defensive in nature, consistently strengthens the material and technical structure of the Armed Forces. Following the progressive tendencies and taking into account the latest achievements of military science, large-scale reforms are under way to modernize the army.

The tactics and strategy of military operations in the 21st century have undergone drastic changes. The modern realities of conducting combat operations require the adoption of quick decisions and high mobility of troops. To date, mobility is one of the key factors in resolving assigned combat missions. The strategy of strengthening the Armed Forces foresees to fully equip the army with the most modern military equipment and technology.

At this stage of development, the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan are fully able to cope with any threat on land, in the air and sea. At the festive parade, the main attention was focused on special forces of different kinds of troops.

The Armed Forces of Turkmenistan regularly replenish the arsenal with the latest achievements of the defense industry, paying special attention to the outfit and ammunition of special forces.

Today, at the national holiday of our country, we once again became convinced that our Fatherland has a strong and reliable defender in the person of the national army, which is vigilant and courageous in guarding sovereignty and independence.

Spectators could observe the technology of the latest generation of all types of troops, clearly feeling the atmosphere of security and confidence in the future.

Integrity of state borders, peaceful life of the people is the highest priority of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan. According to the Military Doctrine, which is purely defensive in nature, our country conducts an “open door” policy aimed at the peaceful settlement of military conflicts in the region and throughout the world.