The Turkmen heavyweight – on the pedestal in the Chinese Tianjin

The Turkmen heavyweight – on the pedestal in the Chinese Tianjin

The performance in the World Weightlifting Cup in the city of Tianjin – a qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games in Tokyo-2020 – brought the Turkmen national team at once two medals. Rejepbay Rejepov (under 81 kg) rose to the third step. The second place among superheavyweights was won by Hojamuhammet Toichiev (+109 kg).

In the discipline “jerk” Toichiev did not have only two kgs for the gold medal. Nevertheless, the Turkmen athlete managed to stand and on the top of the great pedestal – in the discipline “push” Toichiev became the first, having lifted 231 kg. The same weight, but later, was lifted by his opponent from Japan Eisiro Murakami. As a result a small gold medal was secured by the Turkmen national.

It is the “jerk” that defined a final arrangement of sportsmen in total score. Eisiro Murakami became first (416 kg), Hojamuhammet Toichiev -second (414 kg). The three of the strongest with a big difference from leaders was closed by Mexican Raul Manrikez Collins (355 kg).

Turkmen super heavy weightlifter is trained honoured coach of Turkmenistan by Ikram Matkarimov.

Ahead of the Turkmen national team a contest for medals of the 6th International Cup of Qatar which will be held in Doha from December 19 to December 24.