The Turkmen group became the vice-winner of the ethno-festival in Samarkand

The Turkmen group became the vice-winner of the ethno-festival in Samarkand

In the late evening on August 30, the skyline over the center of Samarkand – Registan square – lit up again with fireworks as five days ago. But now it marked the end of the closing ceremony of the 12th International Music Festival “Sharq taronalari-2019” (“Melodies of the East”), where all the main awards and prizes found their owners.

32 participating countries, 340 singers, musicians, dancers, journalists, experts and simply amateur of beauty from 72 countries of the world gathered for these five days in Samarkand to enjoy a grand show, professionally arranged by the organizers.

By results of voting of the international jury, the Ashgabat music group “Archabil” successfully performed the Turkmen folk songs on August 27, won the second place at the “Sharq taronalari – 2019”.

Let’s remind the Turkmen winners’ names of the prestigious international festival in Uzbekistan: Guvanch Yazmammedov (vocals), Hakberdy Allamuradov (drums, percussion), Arzuvgeldy Hudaiberdyev (accordion), Amanmuhammed Charyberdyev (dutar) and Saparmurat Amanmuradov (gijak).

Among the winners of top places and awards in special nominations are teams from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Russia, USA, Iran, etc.

It is pleasant that for the successful promotion and coverage of the 12th International Music Festival “Sharq taronalari – 2019”, mass media representatives were also awarded special diplomas – these are TV channels “Russia 24” and “Uzbekistan 24”.

As far as all good things come to an end, the wonderful five-day fairy tale called “Melodies of the East-2019” also ended. It’s time to go home, taking away the addresses and phone numbers of friends, newly acquired at the festival from different parts of the globe.

Goodbye, “Sharq taronalari – 2019”, goodbye, hospitable Samarkand! See you in two years!