The Turkish Premiere on the Turkmen stage: shared history speaks

The Turkish Premiere on the Turkmen stage: shared history speaks

Artists of the Istanbul Theater presented the play “Sigh of Gorkut Ata” within the 3rd International Theater Festival in Ashgabat. The show was held at the National Drama Theatre named after Alp Arslan. The production became a curious excursion into the history of the ancient Oguzs, the world of their culture, customs and traditions. A standing ovation and flowers, presented to the artists, crowned the end of the performance.

Spectacular scenography and professionalism of the Turkish actors and the general historical theme, associated with the legendary sage, the spiritual father of all Turkic peoples – Gorkut ata, caused a tremendous audience reaction.

Among the audience, presented at the show, were members of theater groups of foreign countries participating in the festival, as well as Turkish Ambassador Mustafa Kapucu and other employees of the Turkish diplomatic mission, representatives of Turkish companies operating in Turkmenistan.

Director General of the state theaters of Turkey Mustafa Kurt in an interview with ORIENT said that “Sigh of Gorkut Ata” is one of the best and brightest works of the Istanbul Theater, which is marked by great success at home. He added that the heritage of Gorkut ata is the common cultural and spiritual heritage of the peoples of the East.

Mustafa Kurt also told about plans to invite Turkmen theater artists to international festivals in Turkey,

– It will be an honor to return the warm hospitality we have received here. The opening ceremony of the 3rd International Theatre Festival in Ashgabat has already made a lasting impression, and in general, the sincere atmosphere of the forum inspires for further work and dialogue with representatives of different cultures.

It should be noted that the common heritage of the Turkic world – the epic “Gorkut Ata” was entered into the List of the World Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in March last year.

In 2015, it was 200 years since the old manuscripts of the destan “Kitaby dädem Gorkut” were discovered in the Fund of ancient manuscripts of the German city of Dresden, a book that later became part of the Golden Fund of world culture and became known as the epic Gorkut Ata.

This saga, which attracted the attention of the world scientific community for centuries and was translated into dozens of languages, reflects valuable historical information about the way of life of the ancient Oguzs-Turkmens, their culture, customs, traditions, and spiritual world.

Janmamed GULAMOV