The Turkic Council waits for Turkmenistan’s accession to the organization

The Turkic Council waits for Turkmenistan’s accession to the organization

In the capital of Azerbaijan – Baku the VII Summit of the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States took place on October 15. It was a symbolic summit as the international organization which unites the Turkic states, marks its 10th anniversary. Besides, at the summit, for the first time as a full-fledged member Uzbekistan participated and the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban took part in the meeting as an observer.

Thus, the Turkic Council unites today five states – Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Uzbekistan. At the summit it was noted that GDP of the Turkic countries makes up about 1, 5 trillion dollars, and the population – 160 million people.

Speakers at the summit underlined that the favorable geographical position and rich natural resources open big economic prospects for the brotherly countries.

Turkmenistan is not a member of the Turkic council. In Baku Ashgabat was invited to the summit as the guest of honor and presented at the level of a member of the government. However in speeches at the summit Turkmenistan was mentioned time and again, stating wishes of its prompt accession to the Turkic Council.

So, President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan told: «I am sure that, Inshallah, in the upcoming year Turkey will host the eighth summit where we will see among us as a full-fledged member Turkmenistan as well». And in conclusion of his speech the Turkish leader underlined: «we wish, that with participation of Turkmenistan we will became six states – one nation».

Baghdad Amreyev touched upon issues of mutual relations of the Turkic Council with Turkmenistan and the Secretary General of the organization said: «This year we have considerably advanced relations with brotherly Turkmenistan. During the recent official negotiations with the Turkmen authority we have reached an understanding concerning grating to Turkmenistan the status of an observer in the organization. We are sure that in forthcoming months this issue will be solved».

Here it is necessary to note that Turkmenistan, without entering into the Cooperation Council of Turkic speaking countries, takes an active part in the work of institutes of the Turkic council to develop cultural-humanitarian interaction. Ashgabat widely participates in actions of the International Organization of Turkic Culture – TURKSOY which is engaged in preservation, study and popularization of cultural wealth and historical and cultural heritage of Turkic speaking people around the world.

The Cooperation Council of Turkic speaking countries or the Turkic Council – the international organization uniting the modern Turkic countries whose overall objective is widespread cooperation development between member states. The Turkic Council was established in October, 2009 in Nakhichevan (Azerbaijan).