The team of Turkmenistan will perform in the “Brain-ring” on the NTV channel

The team of Turkmenistan will perform in the “Brain-ring” on the NTV channel

Victor Kardashov

With the advent of New, 2019, the Russian television channel NTV announced the second (after a break) season of the intellectual show “Brain Ring”, timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the channel.

Unlike connoisseurs of the popular “What? Where? When? ”, the participants of the“ Brain-ring” do not have a whole minute to think, the score here goes for seconds and even for a fraction of seconds. The dynamism of this show and the erudition of the participants leave no one indifferent and the army of fans of the Brain-Ring is constantly growing.

This year, teams from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Estonia, Russia and Israel will compete for the cup being presented to the champion team.

By the way, young intellectuals representing Turkmenistan are not newcomers to the international arena. They have participated in many international tournaments, including the world championships in “What? Where? When?” and “Brain-ring”. And earning the right to represent Turkmenistan is not so easy – for this you need to become the winner of the national championship.

The intellectual games movement in Turkmenistan is more than 25 years old. Since 1994, regular championships for the Brain-Ring game have been held in Ashgabat, and since 1996 – in “What? Where? When?”. In August 1995, the Ashgabat team participated in the Brain-Ring television show for the first time, and in September of the same year, the Ashgabat Youth League of intellectual games was organized.

Sixteen games will take place this season in the Brain-Ring television season. Two airs have already passed – on January 12th and 19th, covering persistent battles at the gaming table for teams from Kazakhstan, Latvia, Vladikavkaz, Rostov-on-Don, Lithuania, Belarus and the Russian national team.

It remains for us to wish good luck to the players from Turkmenistan. Easy questions for you guys, and all the favors of the permanent host of the show, the master of the club “What? Where? When? ”Andrei Kozlov! We are keeping our fingers crossed for you!