The TAPI project promotes the expansion of cooperation in Asia

The TAPI project promotes the expansion of cooperation in Asia

An international conference on the development of cooperation between Pakistan and the countries of Central Asia was held in Islamabad. As it was stressed at the forum, a new impetus to the expansion of cooperation in the region can be given by the stabilization of the situation in Afghanistan.

In this context, it was underlined that Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India gas pipeline (TAPI) which is under construction is one of the most promising regional projects that can make a significant contribution to the establishment of cooperation between the countries of Asia.

“In addition to obvious economic benefits and dividends for all its participants, the TAPI project is able to become a starting point for the real integration of Afghanistan into the global economic system as an equal partner, active participant and subject of modern world economic relations,” said Merdan Bayramdurdyev, Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy of Turkmenistan.

The conference participants also emphasized that large-scale projects implemented by Turkmenistan, including TAPI, are designed to ensure energy security in Central and South Asia, and, moreover, to turn them into one of the world’s energy centers.

In this regard, the main priority of the energy strategy pursued by Turkmenistan is the diversification of export routes and, as a result, the establishment of advanced, diversified pipeline infrastructure that contributes to the sustainable development of Asia.