The Taliban promises talks with Kabul after the signing a peace deal with the US

The Taliban promises talks with Kabul after the signing a peace deal with the US

The Taliban is ready to negotiate with the Afghan government after the signing a of a US-Taliban peace deal, Suhail Shaheen, a spokesman for the Taliban’s Doha office, told reporters. It reported by the website.

The representative of the movement, once again admitted that there is no military solution for the Afghan conflict, and noted that a peace deal with the US is the best option for dialogue between the Taliban and the Kabul government. At the same time, he emphasized that for the Taliban it does not matter with which Kabul administration to negotiate – the current administration or any other administration in future.

‘We consider them as a party to the conflict and will we have a negotiation with them alongside other Afghans,” Shaheen said.

Earlier it was reported that the beginning of the dialogue between the Taliban and the official Afghan government was one of the components of the draft US-Taliban peace deal. However, Washington announced that negotiations were over without a deal, blaming a Taliban attack last week in which two NATO soldiers were among other people killed. Then many US allies called on the American side to resume the peace talks. In particular, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the international alliance would welcome the resumption of the peace talks between the US and the Taliban under credible peace guarantees from the radical movement.

Meanwhile, Suhail Shaheen imposed a responsibility to the American side for the current security situation in Afghanistan, saying the Taliban had completed discussing the peace agreement and it only has to be signed with the American negotiation team. Had the negotiation not been called off by Washington, it would have been signed and there would have been ceasefire in Afghanistan by now, CNN-News18 reports.

The media also reports that the preliminary results of Afghanistan’s September 28 presidential election will be postponed.

Reuters informs, citing a source that, due to slow work on the data entry, the result would be announced with a delay of one week to ten days.

Earlier, the country’s Independent Election Commission said the preliminary results from presidential election were expected to be reported on October 19, while final results were initially expected to be announced on November 7. Any way , it is clear that until the signing of the US-Taliban peace deal, there will be no negotiations between Kabul and the Taliban.