The State Symphony Orchestra of Turkmenistan gave a concert “By the Pages of the World Classics”

The State Symphony Orchestra of Turkmenistan gave a concert “By the Pages of the World Classics”


The State Symphony Orchestra of Turkmenistan conducted by Rasul Klychev gave a concert “Through the Pages of the World Classics” in the Ashgabat Magtymguly Music and Drama Theater. The program of Saturday evening includes works by Mozart, Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky.

The musical performance pleased Ashgabat music fans with a truly artistic approach to the selection of works. The first part was devoted to the performance of the “Clarinet Concerto with Orchestra” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The soloist was the clarinetist Yusup Ovezov, the winner of the Altyn Asyr Presidential Prize.

The first part of the concert was completed by the overture to the tragicomic opera “Don Juan” by Mozart. It is alleged that the Don Juan Overture was written in just one night on the eve of the premiere. It became another proof of the musical genius of Mozart, who did not stop shaking the musicians and listeners.

The State Symphony Orchestra showed real mastery by conveying the struggle of opposites – the coldness of the Commander and the burning of Don Juan. At the same time, the orchestra, under the direction of artistic Rasul Klychev, managed to weave these lines together in a rapid flow of emotions and passions.

The second part began with a real fairy tale – the orchestra performed “The nasty dance of the Koschey Kingdom” from the ballet “The Firebird” by Igor Stravinsky. It was this ballet that elevated Stravinsky to the top of musical art, making it one of the most popular composers of all time.

Russian folk motifs, “wedged” into the framework of the classics, have always been considered a difficult test for orchestras. Turkmen musicians superbly coped with the complex musical pattern and dance rhythm, forcing the entire hall to dance in their seats.

The orchestra “calmed down” the listeners by the “Lullaby” from the same ballet, and then performed a grandiose ending, which made the hearts of the public break from the sadness of the death of the Firebird and delight in its revival. The music penetrated so deeply that it shocked even the youngest guests of the concert.

“This is music from ballet,” the girl in the next chair whispered in her daughter’s ear. – It’s like a theater, only there they dance. We will definitely see when we get home. You’ll like it!

The epic finale of the concert was the performance of the solemn overture “1812” by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. The monumental work introduced the public to the grand events of that time, the confrontation of two armies – two worlds, anxiety overcoming the whole world and the heroism of the soldiers.

When the last chord melted in the air, the audience burst into applause. The faces of the audience demonstrated both relief from the completion of anxiety and unrest, through which they were taken by the State Symphony Orchestra of Turkmenistan under the leadership of Rasul Klychev, and the sadness that today’s journey through the pages of world music classics is over, and in this book there are still so many unknown and unprecedented …

But Rasul Klychev promised his faithful listeners to invite them to a new journey more than once or twice..