The State Statistics Committee of Turkmenistan develops cooperation with UNICEF in the field of reporting on SDG

The State Statistics Committee of Turkmenistan develops cooperation with UNICEF in the field of reporting on SDG

The signing of a number of bilateral documents between the state departments of Turkmenistan and representations of agencies of the United Nations took place today within the limits of the exhibition of achievements of the country passing in Ashkhabad. The eighth day of work of the exhibition was devoted to the financial and economic sector.
Among the documents signed by the State Statistics Committee of Turkmenistan, is the Plan of action for 2021 developed jointly with the United Nations Children Fund.

Chairman of the State Statistics Committee Silap Velbegov told in the interview for ORIENT about priorities of this cooperation:

– First of all, this rendering of assistance in improvement of submission of statistical reporting on the sustainable development goals. Together with the United Nations we conduct consecutive work on development of national database on indicators in the field of sustainable development.

Creation of a national platform of statistical reporting on indicators of SDGs will allow developing recommendations about streams and disaggregation of data. It also gives the chance to prepare offers on carrying out of new inspections and reports on progress in achievement of SDGs.

One of the sources of the information for monitoring of achievement of SDGs is results of cluster inspections on many indicators. By the State Statistics Committee of Turkmenistan in 2019 the cluster inspection was carried out within the limits of global program MICS and with technical support of UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Inspection financing was carried out by the government of Turkmenistan and UNICEF, with additional financial support of UN Population Fund.

Inspection is based on the international methodology and represents unique possibility to receive the expanded picture of life of women and children in the country. In inspection took part more than 6 thousand 360 households, basically, in countryside.

Indicators of MICS cover questions of public health services, education, ecology and others. Inspection is a unique source on such indicators, as education of children and their development at early age. During inspection were studied as such questions, as equality of vital possibilities, life in the safe and pure environment and others.

Besides it, the basic national source of the data for monitoring of SDGs is population census. General population census and available housing is planned for 2022. This action is directed on gathering of exact statistical data on demographic and national structure of the population, economic and social situation of Turkmen nationals, their number and others. Preparation for carrying out this scale campaign becomes one of the main components of our teamwork with United Nations agencies.