The «Silent daughter-in-law» – a new meeting with classics of Turkmen cinema

The «Silent daughter-in-law» – a new meeting with classics of Turkmen cinema

On November 24 in the cinema “Vatan” there will be held a creative meeting with actresses of the well-known film «Silent daughter-in-law» made by the story by Nariman Jumaev under the same title.

This film-legend – classics of Turkmen cinema. It remained in the memory of generation of the 60-s’, as one of the brightest cinema works. Many spectators still remember with nostalgia the plot of a flashing comedy – a story of a city girl Selbi who arrived in the countryside to marry a guy.

Wishing to please parents of a groom, the girl takes upon herself a role of a modest daughter-in-law adhering to ancient Turkmen traditions and customs.

– This film, though it is a comedy, bears in itself instructive and even educational character, – the organizer of the creative meeting Juma Tyrkeshev tells. – And though it has already passed in a retrocinema category, the theme taken by director Sapar Karajaev, has not become out-dated yet.

At the evening devoted to the film, the meeting with the main heroine of the picture Tatyana Moskalenko (Selbi) and her partner Nabat Kurbanova (Guljan) is expected. Film expert Gapbar Hummedov will also take part in the film discussion. Throughout the creative action the screening of the film will be organized.

It is remarkable that at the moment of picture shootings the main heroine was still a schoolgirl. By the will of fate appeared in the cinema environment, young Tatyana opened for herself an unusual world, got acquainted with subtleties of the actor’s work.

– I did not finish any special film courses either, – Nabat Kurbanova, who played as best girlfriend of Selbi in the film, tells. – I worked at theatre, and attended dance courses, therefore, probably, for me to act in the film was difficult a little bit. But skilled colleagues always helped us.

Each of heroes of the film «Silent daughter-in-law» had a destiny in the professional career. Someone remained at cinema, and someone chose absolutely other way to live.

And about many other things they will tell about it at the creative meeting coming on Sunday in the film concert hall “Vatan”. It starts at 16:00 p.m.

Phones for inquiries: 92-18-65, 92-04-67.

Selbi Charyeva