“The ship of the desert” as a tourist attraction

“The ship of the desert” as a tourist attraction


In Uzbekistan, they decided to attract foreign tourists with … camels, local media reported. And they bought one and a half thousand of these animals for breeding in neighboring Kazakhstan.

At the same time, it was correctly calculated that the profit should be given not only by exotic for the foreign eyes sight of “desert ships”, but also magnificent camel milk.

Here, I would like to rephrase the well-known Roman expression “Bread and Spectacles” into “Milk and Spectacles”.

Of course, this is a joke. But seriously, the value and importance of camel’s milk, which has a high fat content, a balance of fats and unsaturated acids, is well known. In desert conditions, there is no drink better quenching thirst than camel chal.

Be that as it may, the beginning is promising. Eventually, the organizers plan to create a modern cattle-breeding complex near the picturesque Aidarkul Lake, designed to contain 1000 camels and annual processing of 1000 tons of camel milk. In the future this place should turn into a modern ecotourism center, which receives 10 thousand tourists a year.

In Turkmenistan, camel breeding is one of the main directions of animal husbandry. Issues of development of the industry, production, processing of camel milk and provision of the population with these products are often discussed at government meetings.

So, on one of them, President Berdymukhamedov focused on the properties of camel chal – a dairy product, which is obtained through natural fermentation of camel milk. It contains a large amount of microelements and vitamins, for example, the content of vitamins C and D in it is three times more than in cow’s milk, so chal is useful in the prevention of a number of diseases. The head of state recommended that the Minister of Health and Medical Industry include in the diet of patients this healing drink, which, with regular use, reduces the effect of toxins, increases the body’s resistance, etc.

Speaking about the widespread use of chal in folk medicine as a means of many ailments, the Head of State instructed the relevant leaders to prepare relevant proposals, including the organization of camel farms and enterprises for the production of this drink.