The Russian Film Week in Turkmenistan opened with a creative meeting

The Russian Film Week in Turkmenistan opened with a creative meeting

On November 3 in Ashgabat the Russian Film Week opened. In the capital of Turkmenistan a large delegation of famous Russian film directors, actors and producers arrived.

Among visitors – Svetlana Nemolyaeva – a star of the Soviet screen, a leading actress of the Moscow academic theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky, Tatyana Shumova – honoured actress of Russia, actress of the theatre named after Maria Ermolova, Vladimir Bolshov – honoured artist of Russia, actor of the theatre “Satyrikon” named after Arcady Raikin, George Malkov – producer, director, script writer, Vladimir Potapov – the actor, director and script writer. The general director of “Festcinema” Limited Liability Company Sergey Los headed the Russian delegation.

Before the screening of the first film in the cinema “Ashgabat” there was held a press conference in which journalists and spectators could talk to representatives of Russian cinema.

How much it has changed during the last years, whether the joint Turkmen-Russian film projects are possible, what turning-points met on the creative way of actors – these and other questions sounded at the meeting.

Marking an increased level of the actor’s performance and boundless possibilities of modern technologies, Vladimir Zaytsev – honoured artist of Russia, actor of the Moscow drama theatre named after Maria Ermolova told that to work in modern realities became more interesting.

The Ashgabat spectators warmly welcomed Russian cinematographers. The film display «Cry of silence» presented personally by director Vladimir Potapov, passed at the full house. The grateful public presented visitors not only a hot applause, but also memorable gifts from residents of Turkmenistan.

The film «Cry of silence», devoted to the 75th anniversary of the raising of blockade of Leningrad opened the Week of the Russian cinema, is a history about a little girl enduring winter, hunger and cold during the Great Patriotic War.

The small person who face to face experienced tests, on whose destiny and the whole generation of the huge state fell that hardship, with firmness coped with difficulties and trusts in the Great Victory.

– The most important thing is the love of the person to the person, – the director of the picture Vladimir Potapov speaks. – The story by Tamara Tsinberg’s, who herself endured the blockade laid down in the basis of the scenario.

Having thanked the Ashgabat public for hearty welcome, visitors promised to visit Ashgabat and to bring new films for many times.

On November 4 the delegation goes to Balkanabat where within the limits of the program of the Russian Film Week acquaintance of residents of the seaside city with the creativity of modern directors of the Russian Federation will take place.

Selbi Charyeva