The Pushkin theatre goes for vacation

The Pushkin theatre goes for vacation

A.S.Pushkin Russian Drama Theatre finishes the season and goes for vacation till September. Traditionally at parting actors presented the first night of the play “Odd fellows” based on the work of French writer Francis Veber as a gift to spectators. It is familiar to many spectators thanks to Pierre Richard’s flashing game in comedy films “Unlucky”, “Daddies”, “Fugitives” in which all potential of a comic duet of Gérard Depardieu has revealed.

From the production of the Pushkin Theatre spectators were also in great delight. The bright French humour, incendiary dancing etudes and pleasure which received both actors, and spectators within the evening, developed into noisy applause.

– We hope, this comedy will repeat in the following season. We very much want to invite to it our friends, – one of the spectators Meryem says.

For spectators of younger school age the bright season has come to the end with display of a favourite musical «Bremen musicians». Young judges of the theatre on the last day prepared sweet gifts for actors and long did not want to let them go from the stage.

The Russian Drama Theatre in Ashgabat is one of the oldest in the region. It was opened on October 1, 1926. And in 1948 it was one of the first to renew its work after the destructive Ashgabat earthquake.

In 1957 the theatre became “Pushkin” – to the temple of the Melpomene the name of the great Russian poet was appropriated. And despite the name, it continued to give performances of different corners of the world, to open cultures of Turkmenistan, European countries, Russia and others in Russian before spectators.

Altyn Ashyrova