The President of Turkmenistan set tasks before the management of the oil and gas complex

The President of Turkmenistan set tasks before the management of the oil and gas complex

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held the meeting with heads of oil and gas sector of the country, having discussed a state of affairs in the key economic branch of Turkmen economy on Tuesday, November 19.

The Vice-Premier supervising the fuel and energy sector of the government, head of State Concerns “Turkmengaz” and «Turkmennebit» and State Corporations “Turkmengeology”, Turkmenbashi oil refineries complex, Chairman of Board of Directors of Joint-Stock Companies «TAPI Pipeline Company Limited» and Adviser of the President of Turkmenistan for Oil and Gas Issues reported the head of the state on the state of affairs.

The President pointed out managements of the fuel and energy complex to the decrease in some indicators, including in oil and gas production, having noticed that annual planned targets were not carried out. Problems on digitalization of branches, advancement of domestic oil products in the international markets are slowly solved.

Thereupon the head of the state gave commissions to correct administrative activity, having concentrated the attention on attraction of high technologies and investments into manufacture, expansion of commodity markets of natural gas and gas chemistry production, study of logistical possibilities of access to new foreign consumers.

Tasks to accelerate the building of the gas pipeline TAPI and preparation of projects of new factories for processing of natural gas and to provide preparation of highly-skilled personnel for the high technology enterprises were given. Separate instructions were also given for intensification of prospecting works, updating assortment line of TORC at the expense of new types of production of high value added cost.