The person with a winged soul

The person with a winged soul

One can tell so about French writer, journalist and professional pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who was born 120 years ago in the French Lyon. He became famous all over the world, first of all, thanks to the allegorical story-fairy tale «The little prince», filled with the humanistic philosophy and deep reflexions about life and human nature, friendship and love, loneliness and responsibility.

This absolutely small product and its trues are huge and eternal. Not casually, «The little prince» is considered the book most translated in the world after the Bible.

For the first time Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s this work was published on April 6, 1943 in New York – at the height of the bloodiest war of the XX century. And today at the height of other humanitarian accident already the XXI century , connected with the pandemic of coronavirus , this wise fairy tale and its author which, having lived only 44 years is involuntarily remembered, has created such remarkable works as «The Planet of people», “Citadel”, «Southern mail».

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry did return from a sortie on July 31, 1944, and many years about his death was known nothing. And only at the very end of the last century in the sea near Marseilles one fisherman got the gleaming subject which appeared after clearing by a thick silver bracelet on which some inscriptions were engraved: «Antoine», «Consuelo» (so called his wife) and «c/o Reynal and Hitchcock, 386, 4th Ave. NYC USA» (the address of the publishing house in which there were books of Saint-Exupéry). The reason of the fall remained secret.

In a note before the last, fatal sortie Exupéry wrote: «I was born to become a gardener» and as it is marked in one of publications about the ingenious thinker, he became it – the gardener of our souls.

To be convinced of it, we will remember famous words from «The little prince»:

You for ever in the answer for all whom you have got accustomed to

Words only prevent to understand each other

Sharp-sightedly only one heart
To judge oneself is more difficult, than others

Vain people are deaf to everything, except praises

You live in the acts, instead of in a body. You are your actions, and there is another no you.

On the eve of the New Year during guessing, Christmas fairy tales and miracles remember «The little l prince» – the most famous fairy tale of all times and peoples.