The opening of the beauty parlour DESSANGE in Ashgabat – to the 65th anniversary of the French brand

For creation of a smart image all the best is necessary. The equipment, expendable materials, and skill – all should be perfect. At the pinnacle DESSANGE – the brand №1 in the world market of hairdresser’s art here already for 65 years.

Today, on the day of a solemn opening of the beauty parlour DESSANGE together with the fashion house Gül Zaman represents to visitors how the European style of hairdresses which has become classical, is amazingly combined with trends in national clothes.

Special attention – to ambassadors of DESSANGE from France, who have estimated the level of the new salon, was an expressed of desire to open yet many more brand offices in Turkmenistan.

DESSANGE is not just a beauty salon. It includes professionalism of employees, high quality of offered services, LUXE-cosmetics, an individual approach to each client.

The salon places serious emphasis on the level of preparation of employees. All masters of the salon were trained by the creative team of DESSANGE who especially for its sake came from France. In the future stylists and technologists of the salon will be also trained with certification by masters of the brand in Paris.

During preparation of the salon for opening its team has mastered work with professional production of the brand PHYTODESS and DESSANGE and modern trends in the field of hairdresses and hair care.

In the fashion-show stylists DESSANGE have displayed how it is possible to adapt trends of world podiums for Turkmen women of fashion.

DESSANGE – samples of red carpet runners for each woman!

Address: Street Oguzhan, 126, Ashgabat.

Phone: + (99312) 95-82-02, + (99365) 02-92-44