The only woman pilot of the Turkmen rally is the leader in the category T2

The only woman pilot of the Turkmen rally is the leader in the category T2

The car race on the Turkmen desert “Amul-Hazar 2018” continues – more than 80 cars, trucks and ATVs from 20 countries of the world storm Karakums, cutting barkhans and raising sand clubs. It seems that these pirate ships are swiftly rushing in the vast ocean of sand.

And yet, it seems that only tanned, brutal guys with severe, weather-beaten faces can so fearlessly and masterfully manage these powerful cars. And in general, this all corresponds to the portrait of the participant in the rally.

But as they say, there are no rules without exceptions. It turns out that this pensive, outwardly calm girl from Russia is also from the tamers of racing “monsters” with a herd of horses under the hood.

ORIENT already wrote about her – the only woman car racer on “Amul-Hazar 2018” Julia Migunova-Hegai.

Our photo correspondent took these pictures before the start of the final briefing, where the organizers gave the athletes the latest instructions and advice. The calm with which Julia gets acquainted with the documents, with the technical conditions of the rally, speaks of her fearlessness and remarkable will power, helping to hide pre-start excitement.

It seems that the line of the famous poet “And the wave is strong with calmness” is dedicated to her – the only pilotess of “Amul Hazar 2018”.

Today, Migunova-Hegai on the SUV Toyota became the first in the category T2 and took the 35th line of the rally standings. The second stage of the race, from the Ikiuzak bivouac to the gas crater “The glow of Karakum “, was finished by the pilotess in 11 hours 44 minutes.