The “Nutcracker” has subdued Ashgabat

The “Nutcracker” has subdued Ashgabat

The New Year approaches and on the threshold of this bright holiday all of us want very much to trust in miracles …

And such magic fairy tale to believe in improbable, but wishful things became a surprising performance by the State Symphonic Orchestra of Turkmenistan under the baton of Rasul Klychev.

It is a long story about the girl named Mari and unsightly, at first sight, toy called the Nutcracker where an action occurs in the invented city of Confiturembourg (The Kingdom of Sweets).

… On the scene there was a beautiful girl presented to public as Marie. She assured at once: «All about what you now will hear and will see actually not a fairy tale. It is all has occurred actually … it all happened to me, only very much-very for a long time».

Marie told that on the night of Christmas the Godfather presented to her an unusual toy, and different miracles very soon started to happen. Children’s tell-tales and dolls revived and began to talk, and the presented Nutcracker appeared … the Prince.

Performance of works by the composer Peter Tchaikovsky accompanied a history of Marie. Fine compositions carried away spectators to the fantastic world, and children briskly shared impressions with parents.

In the music for the “Nutcracker” Tchaikovsky addresses to the theme of overcoming of evil spells force of love. Symphonization of melodies was enriched by all possible expressive means and here the merge of expressiveness, theatricality and deep psychologism surprise. The symphonic orchestra precisely transferred all these features.

On the background of the New Year’s scenery variations of fragments from colourful ballet which was presented by students of the music school named after D.Ovezov were developed. Young actors had performed Spanish, Arabian, Russian and Chinese dances, and at the end dancers played the brightest part – coda.

With the long and noisy applause the public thanked musicians and actors for this wonderful pre-New Year holiday. At the end of performance with congratulations to listeners Rasul Klychev addressed:

– I wish everyone goodness, warmth and much positive. This year the cultural life of our country was filled with bright events, – the conductor noted. – I hope that the next year will be not less fruitful.

The wonderful story of the Nutcracker and Marie proves that we can create magic. It is necessary to look back, after all, the world is full of miracles! And we – their authors, we are also magicians!

Maya Ojarova