The need to do good

The need to do good

Why are we all so different? Why does one person strive to help the needy, and the other distantly passes by? Even Joseph Brodsky said: “Man is the sum of his actions.”

A resident of Ashgabat, an activist and a loving mother of two children, Guzel Khallyeva, began to help those in need voluntarily three years ago, and during this time she acquired a large circle of acquaintances, which is expanding with each of her new actions of good help.

Today, Guzel is collecting necessary supplies for the smallest ones by posting an announcement on a social network about the upcoming trip to the Ashgabat Baby House.

I am a single mother, my youngest son is only two and a half months old and sometimes his stomach aches. Caring for my child, I could not help but think about how the babies who were left without maternal affection live? This idea was the impetus for the call to the city’s Baby House.

After learning what the children needed and compiling a list of necessities, which included children’s clothes, food, medicines and diapers, I decided to publish a post on this topic on the Internet. A pleasant surprise for me was the large number of responding people who also wanted to replenish the “basket of good” – and that is what I called my share, – the girl smiles.

Guzel Khallyeva recently returned from the United States, where she studied under the educational grants program, and received a master’s degree in finance. As a student of this program, the young mother took part in numerous charity events, and, returning home, decided to continue volunteering. Having taken the initiative to organize “good trips,” Guzel also visited the Ashgabat Nursing Home with volunteers.

– We went to the elderly, fed them hot soup and talked with them. I can’t say that good deeds give me some special mood, for me it’s just a sense of duty. If not you, then who can help people stop feeling lonely? Guzel argues. – And, of course, it’s always joyful to meet people who are close to me in spirit and belief.

– I live quite far from the city center, in the area of the old airport. And recently my grandmother struck me to the core, who, responding to my post, came from the other end of the capital in cold weather. She bought gifts for children on her retirement pay. In addition, many men responded to the announcement: someone offered to bring boxes of cookies and chocolates, and someone promised to arrange transportation for everyone who wants to go to the Baby House.

Calls to Guzel’s phone number are still being received, many are worried, are they late? According to the activist girl, the transfer of the “basket of good” will take place on February 1. And Guzel will definitely capture this moment “on film”, because all participants in the action will be pleased to know that their good deed has made a lot of kids happier.