The national doll – not a toy and not simply a souvenir, but a brand and talisman

The national doll – not a toy and not simply a souvenir, but a brand and talisman

Modern doll-toys, how should they look? In shops a huge choice of every possible plastic “beauties”. But when the doll is made by hand and brings cosiness into the house , it warmth, any associations of childhood it from an ordinary toy turns into something native, like a talisman storing kindest and warm memoirs.

Being interested in the origin of Turkmen national doll, Bahar Durdyeva – bookkeeper-economist by profession, engaged in making unique toys each of which is some kind of an exclusive.

– For about 10 years I have been engaged in dolls, – tells Bahar. – All started very simply, I wanted to give to my leaving visitor-colleague something as a keepsake. I made up my mind it should be a doll which I sewed myself. The doll was in national clothes, and the recipient of the gift was pleasantly surprised.

The first doll of hers Bahar sewed, when her daughter started to go to kindergarten. For development of motility of hands of the child, the woman judged so that it will be interesting for the girl to dress the doll, to clasp buttons, to braid her plaits.

– The first doll was named as Masha, it went to the kindergarten together with the daughter, – Bahar Durdyeva remembers. – And later my friends and familiar people started to ask to sew for them dolls charms for “good luck” in the house. So I started to go deep into the history of the Turkmen doll.

By particles collecting the information on ancient Turkmen dolls, Bahar asked her grandmother and her girlfriends how they spent their childhood. The post-war time was difficult but then children also played games. During this period there emerged Turkmen dolls «bäsh köpük» (five kopecks) which them become a “folklore”. The five-kopeck coin, from here such name originated, was a basis of the head of the doll on a stick.

Dolls without the face from fabrics, dressed in the same material from which dresses of grandmothers, mums and daughters were sewed. An image of the face was crossed out a cross (as in Muslim tradition the image of the face of the person is not welcomed).

Besides dolls-charms, toys and others Bahar creates characters for the puppet theatre. Somehow together with her girlfriend she organised a display of a Turkmen fairy tale «Jelulim and Belulim» heroes of which she has created on her vision.

The unusual hobby has outgrown into a serious hobby, its dolls-amulets have found the place in many countries of the world, having brought with itself kind and light notes.

Now Bahar Durdyeva prepares for the international exhibition of dolls in Moscow. She is happy that she is engaged in favourite business, and almost every day by her hand there appear new and very live images with their characters and mood.

Selbi Charyeva