The music of Turkmen composers to be performed in Moscow

The music of Turkmen composers to be performed in Moscow

On October 11, Ballroom Hall of Mosconcert will host a concert “Masterpieces of the world classical music. Music of the West and the East”, where the world classical works will be performed. The works of such Turkmen composers as Nury Halmamedov, Orazmuhamed Kurban-Niyazov, and Mamed Guseynov are among them.

The music evening will feature such celebrities as violinist Leonora Dmiterko and pianist Aleksandr Blok. They will perform Violin and Piano Sonata No.3 in D Major by Handel, Violin and Piano Sonata No.8 in G Major by Beethoven, “Star of the East” by Slonimsky, Violin and Piano Sonata by Halmamedov, “Ballad” by Mamed Guseynov, “Turkmen Tune” by Kurban-Niyazov, and “Gypsy Tunes” by Sarasate, etc.

The performance of “Scattered Pearls” by Mamed Guseynov – a fragment from the opera “Sulamif” – will open the music evening. The young, but already renowned by many awards composer is known by harmony combination of eastern and western musical traditions, as a result of which voluminous melodic images that understandable to each listener are composed.

The unique and insightful artistry of Moscow violinist Leonora Dmiterko in a richly varied program – particularly showcasing the music of Turkmen composers. She is virtuoso violin player.

It is not the first time ever, the talented violinist with a phenomenal memory and subtle pianist are used to play the music of Turkmen composers. Leonora Dmiterko and Aleksandr Blok have already performed works by Kurban-Niyazov at the Gala Concert of the Second Moscow International Festival of Turkmen Classical Music “Sounds of the Dutar” named after Nury Halmamedov in 2016 and in the concert “Variations, fantasies, rhapsodies, tunes.”

That time, Dmiterko noted that the Turkmen musical culture can be compared with Italian:

– Turkmen culture is very beautiful, elegant, very plastic, rich in rhythm, rich in some kind of unexpected melodic tones.

These concerts were a really boffo success always. The audience has discovered a new Turkmenistan, its amazing culture and traditions – wealth that memorized in music and that does not need any language support.