The most popular technologies of the past year

The most popular technologies of the past year

ORIENT presents a selection of the most popular innovative technologies of 2019.

1.Tehwatch is the world’s best smartwatch that is perfect for those who want always to keep fit. This is a personal “trainer” on a wrist, helping to keep the figure and look after health. With the help of special programs, you can check your activity, different indicators of the body – pulse, correct body posture, diet, sleep.

2. TV Caster is a device that allows you to watch anything from your smartphone, tablet or laptop on your TV.

By means of this device, which connects to your Wi-Fi network without any wires, you can watch your favorite videos on a big screen in better quality.

3. Wi-Fi Booster is a device that will solve the problem of slow Internet by providing a faster Wi-Fi signal.

The device connects to an existing Wi-Fi signal and picks up its speed.

4. A smart translator is a must-have device for anyone who often travels abroad.

According to researches, it takes at least a thousand hours of hard training to be half-fluent in just one language.

With this device you can forget about expensive, boring lessons, as it instantly translates any conversation into 40 languages. Smart translator is popular among politicians, businessmen as an aid for learning language.

5. Wireless headphone. Unlike customary headphones with a wire, they are stylish, comfortable and provide high-quality sound.

They are produced in several colors, so they can be matched to your “look”.

6. Keyless Pro is a futuristic virtual laser keyboard that uses Smart Lazer technology. It is designed to reduce the wrist strain that a person gets when working with a common keyboard. It also helps to improve posture.

It is easy to travel with this keyboard, as it uses an ordinary Bluetooth connection for link with any device.