The most creative mask was chosen in Turkmenistan

The most creative mask was chosen in Turkmenistan

The contest «the most creative mask» was held by public organisation “Yenme” together with the embassy of Great Britain in Turkmenistan was summed up.
At the competition about 70 handmade masks which were decorated with applications, embroideries and ornaments were announced.

As a result of the online voting a victory was gained Lola Mamedova. Her fluffy mask received 85 voices.

– I would like to make something unusual as the competition was held for creativeness, – tells Lola. – Initially I wanted to make a muzzle of any animal from a fluffy material, but I could not make it. There evoked then another interesting idea – to make a children’s mask with ears for winter as my daughter had a special band with ears.

Lola is engaged in needlework during her leisure time, regularly participates in the fair of masters, held in Ashkhabad. She prepares dolls-boxes for the New Year with use of plastic bottles.

Housewife Lachyn Annaeva, who played as animation hero Sponge Bob, took second place. The third place was given to Sona Chuli-Kuli with her mask “Yin and yang”.
The prize of spectator sympathies was received by the mask in the Christmas style «Merry Christmas» made by Talus Begencheva.

Costly prizes were given to all winners.

In spite of the fact that competition was finished, the joint project with the embassy of Great Britain will continue in January as online trainings devoted to the healthy way of life.