The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Turkmenistan is ready for wide cooperation in struggle against the pandemic

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Turkmenistan is ready for wide cooperation in struggle against the pandemic

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan has distributed the press release concerning the proceeding pandemic of novel coronavirus and measures of struggle against this global threat, including those undertaken by Turkmenistan.

In the text of the report of information it is said of what has been made for prevention of penetration of this infection into the territory of the country, including strengthening of boundary, customs, migration, sanitary-and-epidemiologic control.

« The system of regular maintenance of the population on a gratuitous basis with the basic medicines promoting strengthening of human immunity» is also organised, – as told in the press release.

Simultaneously with it Turkmenistan develops international cooperation directed to consolidation of efforts of the world community against the threat of the pandemic. Marking an active participation of President Berdimuhamedov in the international summits on COVID-19, the press-services of the country Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reminded of the initiative of the Turkmen leader on creation of the international Council of scientists-physicians.

In May of the current year in Turkmenistan the National Preparedness and Response Plan to Acute Infectious Disease of the country was adopted. On July 3 the Plan of operative social and economic actions in Turkmenistan on counteraction to pandemic coronavirus was approved.

«Now Turkmenistan together with agencies of the system of the United Nations Organization starts development of the third national plan covering a humanitarian component of measures undertaken by the country to struggle against infection COVID-19», – as told in the press release.

In the release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan published on July 4, the current year «the message of 239 scientists from 32 countries of the world with an open letter to the director general of World Health Organization in which the information on results of the scientific researches confirming possibility of spread of the novel coronavirus by means of the smallest aerosol drops, long time kept in air» is mentioned, is underlined. Thereupon it is pointed out that the Turkmen side supports these scientific results.

It is also noted that long-term researches of Turkmen physicians, ecologists, hydrometeorologists and other experts confirm that substances hazardous to human health, including viruses, can be transferred by air streams in the sensitive ecological environment of Central Asia.

«The air masses which are formed in the zone of ecological disaster, the Aral Sea caused by drying which have an extremely negative influence on nature, thus present danger to the climate, health of the people living in the Aral region and far beyond its limits. The dusty-salt storms transferring especially harmful substances from the bottom of the dried Aral Sea, extend to thousands of kilometres and present a real danger to human life».

The Press-service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan has briefly outlined the country’s activity in the international format for solution of this problem and has underlined readiness of the Turkmen side for continuation of multilateral cooperation in struggle against the pandemic, including in issues of detailed study of influence exogenous factors on spread of COVID-19.

«In these purposes Turkmenistan will undertake in the near future a number of the further practical steps within the limits of realisation of the arrangements reached with the international partners directed to the strengthening of solidarity in struggle against the infection of novel type», – as stated in the press release.