The leading dairy brand in the Turkmen market expands its assortment

The leading dairy brand in the Turkmen market expands its assortment

Closed Joint-Stock Company “Süýt” is famous for its natural and tasty dairy products which have held a firm place in the home market of Turkmenistan. Under the famous brand «Akmaýa» fresh dairy products, both by shops and budgetary organisations of the country are daily realised.

– Our wide assortment allows choosing products for all tastes. It is the pasteurised milk, kefir, cream, cottage cheese of different fat content, butter, cottage cheese products and others, – the manager of the laboratory of Joint-Stock Company “Süýt” Ogulnur Bayramova says.

According to Ogulnur, thanks to qualitative domestic raw materials, the modern process equipment, quality assurance and the skilled personnel, their production by all parameters corresponds to the quality standards and requirements.

– The team of experts even before input in manufacture of a new kind of products studies the market demand, investigates flavouring preferences of consumers and then develops formulations. Then repeated testing of already ready product is spent, and only having passed necessary checks, they put products into the conveyor. We buy natural milk from local farmers and businessmen, – Ogulnar Bayramova says.

At the dairy industrial complex located in Ashkhabad, the shop “Akmaýa” where consumers can estimate the quality and taste of novelties works, get just manufactured products.
The original structure of a new sour-milk drink with greens which after corresponding procedures of certification will be accessible to consumers is has been recently developed.


Photos by Suleiman CHARYEV