The last fight is the hardest of all!

A prospective fighter Dovletjan Yagshimuradov, who is on the take-off, is a bright star in the martial arts sky. He is a fighter with good statistics – he had 22 fights, of which in 16 he became the winner. In the earlier bouts there were also defeats, but the latter are the apotheosis of his fighting qualities, when the fate of the battle was not decided by the judges, but by the opponent’s ability to continue the fight due to a knockout or technical option.

Among them: Bataraz Aghnaev. who did not know the defeat before meeting with Dovletjan (technical knockout), Joachim Christensen (knockout), Dan Konetsko – technical knockout. The list of the defeated can be continued. But, nevertheless, Dovletjan recognized the most difficult duel fight with Karol Selinski. This is despite the fact that the fight was stopped in the fourth round.

Outwardly, it seemed that Yagshimuradov easily, intelligently and tactically outplayed his opponent, reasonably avoiding his blows and waiting for the very moment when it would be possible to bring all of his explosive energy on the opponent.

All of these and other moments so bumped into the memory that many still have it before their eyes.

And those who have forgotten them a little, can refresh their memory watching our video story …