The largest trading partner of Turkmenistan throughout 8 years – a diplomatic reception in Beijing

The largest trading partner of Turkmenistan throughout 8 years – a diplomatic reception in Beijing

In the Turkmen embassy in China a solemn reception on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan noted in this year was given. Among visitors of the action there was Le Yucheng, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, general director of the department of Europe and Central Asia Sun Linjiang, political commissioner of the University of National Defence of the People’s Liberation Army major general Dun Bin, and also other high-ranking officials. The former ambassadors of China in Turkmenistan, representatives of the Chinese national society of friendship with foreign countries, academic circles, scientists and businessmen were also invited.

With welcoming speeches before visitors Turkmen ambassador Parahat Durdyev and first deputy minister of foreign affairs of the People’s Republic of China Le Yucheng acted. It gave a capacious characteristic of history and a current state of bilateral Turkmen-Chinese relations of the strategic partnership developing in conformity with principles of friendship treaty and cooperation from 2014.

Besides, Durdyev informed in sign events in Turkmenistan for 2019, in particular presidency in the CIS and IFAS, I Caspian economic forum, important events of foreign policy life of the country, and also announced the coming events. Among them – actions in honour of 25th  anniversary of neutrality of Turkmenistan next year and within the limits of the international Year of peace and trust which will be held in 2021 at the initiative of Ashgabat, the supported by United Nations.

Le Yucheng in his speech named Turkmenistan one of the most stable and dynamically developing countries in Central Asia bringing a considerable contribution to maintenance of peace and prosperity of the entire region. He highly appreciated the international initiatives of the Turkmen leadership, including declaration of the international Year of peace and trust and development of a Special program of the United Nations on rescue of the Aral.

China keeps eight years the status of the largest trading partner of Turkmenistan and the main importer of Turkmen gas. The gas pipeline China – Central Asia in the extent more than 1800 kilometres in the world, by right is consi power «Silk road», stimulating economic development not only China and Turkmenistan, but also other countries along this route, – Le Yucheng told.

Container transportations on the route China – Kazakhstan – Turkmenistan – Iran became rather attractive transport corridor connecting the People’s Republic of China, Central Asia and the Persian Gulf. Practice shows that mutually advantageous cooperation between China and Turkmenistan possesses huge potential and wide prospects. We are ready to strengthen interface of national strategy of development together with Turkmen partners, is high-grade to realise important arrangements reached top-level, continuously to raise level of Chinese-Turkmen strategic partnership for the benefit of two countries and people, – the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China stated.

Visitors of the celebration accepted in the luxurious hotel of Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast in the best traditions of Turkmen festivals. There was a celebratory concert where Turkmen actors performed national music. Invited guests were presented fact-finding videos about today of Turkmenistan, its culture and heritage.

The great interest was caused by tasting of dishes of Turkmen kitchen. And all interested persons were offered to try chorek, melons fresh and dried, grapes, and also confectionery and production of Turkmen wine makers.