The international exhibition of racing pigeons opened in the capital of Qatar

The international exhibition of racing pigeons opened in the capital of Qatar

An international exhibition of pigeons, including postal and “racing”, is organized In the city of Doha, the capital of Qatar, the Qatari media report. The opening of the exhibition, held in the Cultural Village, was attended by representatives of diplomatic missions and delegations from 17 countries.

Participants in the event, which is the first of its kind in the Middle East and held in collaboration with the International Pigeon Federation, have released 3,350 pigeons, launching the exhibition.

Its goal is to make Qatar a center for sports pigeon breeding in the Middle East and enter it into the map of the International Olympiad of sports pigeons, starting next year. The exhibition includes several events that will give participants the opportunity to meet with representatives of various international companies and exchange knowledge and experience.

In addition, it provides an excellent opportunity for many visitors to learn about pigeon racing – a sport with the participation of specially trained pigeons with good navigational and speed qualities.

To determine the winner of the races and fix the time of arrival of pigeons, mechanical devices and rubber rings were previously used, which are now replaced by electronic devices and microchips. Pigeon races as a sport were born even before our era, but they became widespread at the beginning of the 19th century, first in the Netherlands, then in France, Belgium and Great Britain. In 1900, they became an “unofficial” sport at the Olympics.

Istvan Bardos, President of the International Federation of Pigeon Flyers, expressed his joy at the wide participation in the Qatari exhibition, which, in his opinion, will pave the way for other, larger-scale events in this sector.

This exhibition features 1,100 pigeons, and the owners of the top 40 will receive prizes from the organizers.