The head of Turkmenistan drew attention of scientists to the antiviral effect of liquorice

The head of Turkmenistan drew attention of scientists to the antiviral effect of liquorice

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at the government session on Friday developed upon issues of global struggle against the coronavirus pandemic and search by scientists of the world of effective remedies for this dangerous disease.

Results of one of such recent researches confirm that one of such means could become liquorice root.
The active substance of this plant, namely – glycyrrhizic acid, interferes with development of the virus of novel coronavirus. And the neutralised effect is rendered even by small concentration of water extract of liquorice root.

So, it is necessary to remind what else during the tenure of Berdimuhamedov at the post of minister of health, in the east of the country – in Lebap province the factory for liquorice processing was established. Nowadays agriculture complex “Buyan”, subordinated to the pharmaceutical department of the Turkmen Ministry of Health, increases export of dense and dry extract of liquorice.

At the governmental meeting the president noted that liquorice root enters into the first five of the list of the medical products, recommended by WHO. As a part of this plant contains to 23 % glycyrrhizic acid in which basis medicines for allergy are made, colds, bronchial asthma, eczema and antiviral preparations – as a whole more than 350 medical products.

Thereupon the head of the state gave assignments to president of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan Sapardurdy Toylyev and minister of health and medical industry Nurmuhammet Amannepesov to pay more attention to the study of this plant.

According to the head of the state, it is also a good ground for teamwork of Turkmen and foreign experts-physicians as in our country good experience in application of this means was gained.

To possibilities of green drugstore is devoted the encyclopaedic 12-volume work of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov «Medicinal plants of Turkmenistan». In particular, in the 10th volume properties, biological features, a chemical compound of liquorice root which in national medicine Turkmens skilfully applied for various illnesses – first of all are described, for cough, diseases of the upper respiratory tracts.

The modern medical science confirms these properties. And not simply confirms, but opens huge possibilities for their further study and application.

Turkmenistan not simply has sufficient stocks of these medicinal raw materials for industrial production. The matter is that Turkmen liquorice is considered the most valuable as many useful substances contain in it in the concentrated form, thanks to the arid climate.

In this context the head of the state called exclusively for the scientific approach to use of herbs, their deeper study.

As was underlined by Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, in Turkmenistan all necessary measures have been in due time taken not to let spread of the novel coronavirus infection into the territory of the country. And these measures are observed not only on borders, but also inside, with a view of preventive maintenance of non-distribution of this dangerous disease. The mask regimen was introduced and other restrictions as the situation in the world with the pandemic remains very disturbing.

We should involve more full and possibilities of herbs growing on our earth in business of health protection of people, the president told, charging the head of the Academy of Sciences to hold work on the organisation of scientific researches in this area, and the minister of health and medical industry – on modernisation of the operating pharmaceutical enterprises and building new ones.