The group of Turkmen artists “Spark 5” presents its exhibition

The group of Turkmen artists “Spark 5” presents its exhibition

The exhibition of “Spark 5” has opened in the exhibition hall of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan – this is the name of the creative team, uniting five like-minded friends. These are the graduates of the Academy: Gakhryman Gochmuradov, Dovran Khezretgulyev, Amanmurad Modyev, Rakhman Rakhmanov and Begench Berkeliev. They organized their first group exhibition last year, and the experience seemed successful.

The current show introduced new creative searches for young artists. All of them are different in style and technique, perhaps only a common desire to find their own path in art, their own language, and the desire for innovation.

“Each of us seeks to find something new in the direction that he has chosen, whether it be painting or graphics,” shared one of the members of the group Begench Berkeliev, who graduated from the academy in 2013. – Therefore, we try, experiment … Sometimes unexpected decisions or ideas become the basis of the plot, composition.

In many of the works presented at the exhibition, one way or another the theme of nature is portrayed. She is the first teacher for the artist, a source of images and “an example to follow.” Each of the five members of the group draws from this inexhaustible source completely different ideas, revealing them through the image of everyday scenes, landscapes, still lifes or in abstraction. But each work is an expression of the special connection between man and nature.

The paintings of Amanmurad Modyev in the style of cubism are remembered. Combining the elements of realism and abstractionism, they resemble oriental gazelles, where visual forms act as poetic rhymes.

Rakhman Rakhmanov in his paintings used the color palette of natural elements – water, earth, air and fire – a combination of which is the basis of life. And the woman – the giver of life – carries all these elements. In his works a lot of tenderness, warmth and sincere admiration for the beauty of the world.

The exhibition will last until end of September. The entrance is free of charge.