The Great Flood in Ashgabat: Is it time to build an ark?

The Great Flood in Ashgabat: Is it time to build an ark?

Turkmenistan was flooded after severe rains that took place this month. Over the past several days of unprecedented heavy downpours, though there were with short breaks, the country faced with so-called “catastrophic disasters”, or better saying, rumours about them, according to which residential houses in the capital began to fall as the foundations of the houses were undermined by the flood!

Just as hearing the rumour that in the new residential area Mir 7/4 the house lied down due to the rains, ORIENT was in hurry to make a “hot” report. Arriving at the place, ORIENT saw the house and wanted to support the residents of the house in emergencies.

Instead of scandalous sensation, we realized the correctness of the banal sententia, which says that rumors are not the most objective source of information. As, instead of a falling house, we saw normal high-rise apartment building that does not look neither the Tower of Pisa nor the building in accident conditions.

In order to make sure we are at the right address, we made a circle around the house building.

The building that similar to each other were in good condition: no cracks, no subsidence.

We have turned around, deciding to clarify with the residents of the same “accident” house, but came across a bewilderment:

– There is no fall. No flood. No leakage. Everything is fine here.

Moreover, we have been invited for a cup of tea. Well, there is no need to retell the story. Just look at the ORIENT video coverage and make up your own conclusions.

Meanwhile, the construction of the saving ark was postponed until the holiday season – there would be something to do on sea trips, and fishing promises to be rich.