The good without borders: how absolutely strangers have helped a grandmother

The good without borders: how absolutely strangers have helped a grandmother

Mutual aid, responsiveness, kindness – one can very often hear how all it does not get to modern society. But, as it has appeared in practice, all is not so bad. And today there are the people, capable to come to the rescue during the difficult moment.

One of these days a touching story has occurred between two cities – Ashgabat and Turkmenbashi.

In the seaside city of Turkmenbashi, in street A.Mahtumova, house 47, a 70-year old grandmother Alfiya Arslanova lives. She is absolutely lonely and as it often happens, a helpless woman. Children have parted and parents have also gone away long ago. She long looked after her bedridden spouse who also then died.

Being all time anxious by health of her husband, Alfiya developed illness – diabetes. On her left foot there developed a sore. A bad circulation of the blood led to gangrene and subsequently to foot amputation.

– I long suffered pain, – grandmother Alfiya tells. – Then it was necessary to apply to the city hospital.

The doctor who operated the grandmother, Dovran Aymetovich tried to do the utmost for the patient. And Alfiya with feeling of huge gratitude remembers the doctor.

The time for being discharged from the hospital came close. It was necessary to go home, but how it is possible in the present circumstance of the grandmother? To move on crutches at an old age is hard, one should still get used to it and learn to go on them.

The acquaintance of the pensioner – Sabina, very much wanted to help her. She applied for the council of zoodefender Victoria Kolesnikova. And a chain of sympathetic people quickly grew.

Through social networks the history reached Ashgabat. Ekaterina Mozhaeva, a sympathetic woman and simply good person placed a post at her web page. For a call of help practically at once Rustam who become really a guardian angel for grandmother Alfiya responded.

– When Rustam called us, he was already in the salon of medical equipment, – Victoria tells. – He asked us to describe particularly what kind of wheelchair is necessary and warned that we could afford any of them irrespective of their prices.

Рустам chose a comfortable wheelchair, with a soft headrest, equipped with a demountable bedpan and a little table. He paid for transportation of the wheelchair to the city of Turkmenbashi. Already at the place of the delivered purchase the men employed by Victoria were assembling it.

– On August, 4th we placed a post, and on the 5th of August Rustam already bought the wheelchair and this very day sent it to our city, – Victoria joyfully informs. – So, to the discharge from the hospital Alfiya was welcomed with a gift from tan unknown well-wisher.

The grandmother was moved to tears. Absolutely a stranger presented her with much more than a necessary subject; he presented her with confidence in people.

Rustam happened to be very modest person and does not see in his act heroism. He does not want At all that they see in him any benefactor. So do the women who have supported the grandmother.

– I pray for all those who has helped me, – tells Alfiya. – Once I was engaged in a donor service. I looked after a sick girlfriend who broke her hip and could not go. Now I understand that the disinterested good is repaid a hundredfold.

… And it is an only one of many real stories which occur to us and near to us. Stories how people help each other, is simple because we are people.

Svetlana MAYAK