The Global Gas Centre: Turkmenistan can become the largest power bridge of East-West

The Global Gas Centre: Turkmenistan can become the largest power bridge of East-West

The chief executive of the Global gas centre Valérie DUCROT spoke at the Ashkhabad conference on energy cooperation, having joined the forum online from Switzerland.

As the conference is devoted to the 25th anniversary of neutrality of Turkmenistan and opens one of the priority directions of the foreign policy of the country – energy diplomacy, Valérie DUCROT in her welcoming word noted that great value which is given to neutrality in Switzerland which also has selected for itself this international legal status.

The chief executive of the Global gas centre shared ideas about the role and importance of natural gas with her colleagues within the limits of fulfilment of obligations on decrease in emissions of CO2 and transition to green economy by the international community.

Natural gas is ecologically friendly, being thus an accessible and reliable energy source, however the paradoxical policy of some European regulators still leads to building of new power stations on the basis of coal, Ducrot told, having noticed that time has come to advance economy by means of new technologies and strategy with use of natural gas.

Today it serves as the factor of growth of new markets and including growth of development of electric power. By the middle of 2030 gas will occupy the basic share of energy carriers in the world that means also a diversification of its deliveries, stated Ducrot. Gas should be accessible to all consumers, it is necessary for protection of ecology and national security of countries, she told, having urged all players of the gas market to recede from political debate and to accept transition to low hydrocarbon energy.

Turkmenistan which is taking 4th place in the world for resources of natural gas and being its major supplier develops an infrastructure of its export, creating multivector pipeline system. And perspective large-scale projects will allow the country to become the largest energy bridge between the East and the West, Valérie Ducrot told.

Now crisis of COVID-19 has led the world to the deepest recession. Certainly, it will affect investment plans, economic activities stagnation, possibly, will lead to decrease in interest in new expensive projects, but for gas there are the hugest possibilities because technologies in this sphere are already well developed, and the product itself is quite accessible, Ducrot convinced.

Naming natural gas «world insurance energy for power transition and economic restoration», chief executive of GGC underlined that Turkmenistan can play a considerable role in the region thanks to the resources and those projects which it realises for the benefit of both its people, and the people of all planet. «I with great pleasure will co-operate closely with you, and including in advancement of Turkmen gas in CA and Europe», – assured the management of oil and gas branch of Turkmenistan Valérie Ducrot.

Gulya Rozyeva