The future – for green energy

The future – for green energy

Turkmenistan has appointed recently the first resident representative at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The country is member of IRENA from October, 2018, and in due time one of the first to support the initiative about creation of this specialised organisation.

Granting by the Turkmen diplomat the credentials to general director of IRENA at the online meeting became the next step to development of international cooperation in the sphere of renewed energy to which Turkmenistan attaches a growing significance in its energy strategy.

According to global and regional trends the country considers increase of “green” tendencies in world economy and financial system. Depreciation of actives of hydrocarbon resources strengthens accent on development of renewed energy sources and non-polluting technologies, and “green” finance is considered today as the new factor of world economic dynamics closely co-ordinated to the Goals of sustainable development of the United Nations. Besides “green” economy and alternative energy are considered as key factors for solution of global problem of climate change.

Turkmenistan possesses a big natural and scientific potential for development of renewed energy sources (RES) and certain practical experience in this sphere. In the country almost the sun all year long shines, in the Caspian region and on deserted plains with sharply continental climate there is environment for formation of winds. It makes solar and wind energy the most perspective RES.

As a whole, power potential of RES in Turkmenistan is estimated at 110 billion equivalent fuels a year. Researches are conducted in the Centre of renewed energy sources of the country and projects of manufacture of the electric power from alternative sources; in particular, sun, wind and biogas, with the subsequent use of their energy potential in an economic complex of the country are developed.

The structure of research-and-production Centre of RES includes some departments working over technologies of photo-electric transformation, concentration of solar energy and helium technologies, bio-energetics and processing of biomass, accumulation of electric energy, projects of wind-driven power stations and others.

In new building and infrastructural projects of the country use of alternative energy sources is provided, for example, at development of territory round the Turkmen lake «Altyn asyr» is planned to construct two power stations – one solar, and the second will use wind power. The total capacity of these stations should make 10 megawatts.

With the resolution of the president of Turkmenistan in June, 2020 the interdepartmental working group for development of the National strategy of Turkmenistan on development of renewed energy in cooperation with the international organisations was set up. Already in the beginning of July the first online session of this group «Integrated Green Urban Development in Ashgabat and Awaza» in which representatives of project of UNDP took an active part, was held.

By the UNDP the structure of the future National strategy of Turkmenistan was proposed. The document puts before itself following problems: definition of priority directions of development of renewed energy sources in Turkmenistan; assistance of activity state and private sector in manufacture, consumption, sale of thermal and electric energy with use of RES; diversification of power resources of the country; maintenance of remote regions with clean energy; reduction of quantity of emissions of hotbed gases into the environment.

UNDP co-operates with the Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan in issues of development of standard-legal base for development of renewed energy of Turkmenistan, plans carrying out of a series of educational -practical seminars with the assistance of the leading international and national experts having the big theoretical and practical experience in the area of sustainable cities, power effective designing and green building.

In development of RES Turkmenistan actively co-operates with neighbouring countries, for example, Azerbaijan, and also with the international organisations. So, in April of the past year in Ashkhabad two-day discussion at the «round table» on development of the renewed energy, organised with support of OSCE in cooperation with USAID office in Turkmenistan, took place.

Speaking in it, the head of the Ashkhabad centre of OSCE Natalya Drozd noted: «By adopting the National Programme for Energy Saving 2018-2024 and joining the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Turkmenistan reaffirmed its commitment to promoting the development of renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency. The OSCE Centre in Ashgabat is ready to provide expert advice to further support the development of the National Strategy on Renewables».

In several months at another «round table» representatives of local profile structures and experts IRENA, OSCE, UNDP and World Bank, discussed a theme «Importance of international cooperation in development of renewable energy» gathered. Participants of the meeting focused the attention on processes of development of the Plan for development of renewable energy for Turkmenistan till 2030, preparation of the report on prospects of this branch in the country, and also realisation of projects in the field of RES together with the international organisations and donors. Also issues of development of standard-legal base and private sector involving in segment of RES were discussed.

At the session which took place on June, 19th, 2020 the Government of Turkmenistan was offered to create the National Agency on renewable energy sources for co-ordination of activity of the domestic state institutions involved in this sphere. With a view of exchange of experience with foreign partners within the limits of IRENA, acquaintance of the world community with experience of the country in energy sphere, and also the further intensification of activity of our country within the limits of the international power organisations it is offered to propose a nominee of Turkmenistan for election for IRENA Council for 2021-2022.

Ogulgozel REJEPOVA