The first child of 2020 born in Turkmenistan

The first child of 2020 born in Turkmenistan

In the first minutes of 2020, when volleys of New Year’s fire were not yet fired and the night sky over Ashgabat was still colored with bright colors of the festive fireworks, the first baby of the current year appeared at the Scientific and Clinical Center for Maternal and Child Health, which at that time became the youngest resident of Turkmenistan.

Parents called him Mekan. He is not the first child in the young Annaev family. He has an older brother who is already 3 years old.

“The kid is doing well,” says Sheker Annaklycheva, deputy director of the Scientific and Clinical Center. – He weighs 3 kilograms 610 grams, and his height is 52 centimeters. The state of the mother, according to the grading system adopted in medical practice, is quite satisfactory.

“I am so happy,” says the mother of the newborn, 27-year-old Aigul Saparova. – My husband and I always wanted us to have a large and friendly family. And now our first-born has a younger brother.

It seemed that the father of the baby – Muhammad Annaev – could not recover from the feelings that gripped him.

“Our family has a double celebration,” he says. – Now every time we will celebrate the birthday of our son and New Year.

– How did the watch on New Year’s Eve go on the whole? – I ask the deputy director of the Scientific and Clinical Center Sheker Annaklycheva.

“As planned and stable,” she replies. – Of course, there were births that deserve attention, but our Center is a third-level medical institution. It is designed to receive and provide services, including during the most difficult births. However, the extensive experience of the staff and the availability of innovative special equipment allow us to successfully nurse low-weight children, twins, triplets… Here all the conditions are created for adapting the child to the first days of life.

– What about fertility: is there a tendency of increase? – I asked Sheker Meredovna.

– Fertility rates are constantly increasing. During the year we serve over 8 thousand children. Last year, according to preliminary data, the birth rate in our Center has become an order of magnitude higher compared to 2018.

Interviewing the parents, I decided to ask Mekan:

“How are you, baby?”

And he yawned sweetly in response. Probably, he thereby wanted to answer that everything is normal.

Yes, I thought. Indeed, the Scientific and Clinical Center for Maternal and Child Health is the most sophisticated in the entire Central Asian region. It was personally opened by President Berdimuhamedov four and a half years ago, on the eve of the Day of Health and Medical Industry Workers of Turkmenistan.

By the way, the first person to congratulate the baby and his parents was the president of the country, who sent his gifts to the young family.

Mekan, yawning sweetly, fell asleep in a calm and serene sleep in the warm hands of a caring mother and his homeland.

Aleksandr BAYRIYEV

Expert commentary: This is what the director of the Information Center of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry Ogulmyahri Geldyeva told us:

– The Scientific and Clinical Center for Maternal and Child Health was opened on July 20, 2015. This is the largest medical institution with a capacity of 670 beds. The Center consists of 28 departments that comprehensively combine the main areas of science and practice of obstetric care. The medical staff here are equipped with modern technologies used in obstetrics, perinatology, intensive care and resuscitation of newborns, medical genetics, reproductology, diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases, and many others.