The First Caspian Economic: two days left for the forum

The First Caspian Economic: two days left for the forum

Two days remain for the opening of the first Caspian economic forum. You feel it literally at once, having arrived in the international airport of Turkmenbashi and leaving the air terminal building. You feel it by numerous banners and posters with emblem CEF, you feel it by the organised and harmonious work of urban services and divisions resulting in absolutely ideal condition and without those always pure city streets and Avaza. You feel it by concentrated and full responsibility for the event on the faces of local residents.

And the weather has not changed as though wishing to help with the organisation of large scale actions and having like a feeling of solidarity. Above 28-30 degrees, small overcast and, periodically, warm summer intermittent rain … And the Caspian water now has a comfortable temperature.

Certainly, Avaza cannot be surprised with the large forums which were passing in this seaside tourist zone, but the Caspian economic forum has a special significance. And consequently that it is the first. And consequently that it is anticipated by two most interesting exhibitions – innovative technologies and international automobile, a platform for which will be the territory of the International seaport. And consequently that in it, world brands will participate – «Itochu», «Zeppelin», «Credit Suisse», «Mitsubishi», “Rosneft”, «Group GAS», «Suhoi civil planes», «Airbus Defence and Space» and many other.

With what one can compare impressions of today’s Avaza? Probably, with supervision over the hospitable owner waiting for the visit for people, who are very dearer for it. It would seem that the table is laid and the main course reaches the oven and dessert already in the refrigerator … But all the same – it is necessary to check up and recheck all once again. That all has passed up to the mark and without fail. And the national tourist zone – today, as always, it is a hospitable and uneasy mistress striving on each trifle and caring of comfort of visitors.

Also there are no doubts that all will pass, as it is necessary, and the first Caspian economic forum will remain in the history and in memory of participants as new and interesting action which, I hope, will become an annual event.

For now Avaza is in expectation. In expectation of the prime minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, heads of the Astrakhan region and Republic of Kalmykia Igor Babushkin and Bat Hasikov, the minister of investments and development of Poland Yezh Kvechinsky, the minister of transport of Romania Ion Yordakechku and other visitors.

Avaza waits. It worries a little, but it is absolutely assured of its possibilities and capacities because it cannot be another way. After all a pledge of successful conduction of the first Caspian economic forum – in a combination of high professionalism and effective organising work. All it is here. Plus traditional Turkmen hospitality.

Good luck to you, Avaza!