The favorite Arab singer created a furore at the concert in Ashgabat

The favorite Arab singer created a furore at the concert in Ashgabat

The celebration concert in Ashgabat timed to the International Neutrality Day gathered the famous pop stars from China, India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iran and other countries. Egyprian singer Ravan Eleyan was of special performance. She won the hearts of the Ashgabat audience with her manner of performance, artistic charm and special sincerity.

“The concert was just incredible. It was not easy for me since was my first visit to Turkmenistan, I was worried a lot. However, as it turned out, everything was fine. The audience met me with great warmth and sometimes even sang along. I did not expect that there are so many people here in Turkmenistan who know me, my songs, my music. It is amazing feeling,” Ravan shared with ORIENT.

Ravan Eleyan is the favorite singer of the Arab countries. The voice of the singer allows her to perform a varied repertoire: both classical and lyrical, as well as pop and folk music. She diligently develops her talent in all directions, while she likes folk and lyrical music much.

“I find myself in the folklore music, they always give me some special inner feeling. These melodies, these lines are the story themself. And I like being involved with these music lines”.

The singer smiles, talking about folk music. Here, in Turkmenistan, she had a chance to realize how traditional values, national clothes and ancient songs organically fit into modern life, intertwine with it and give rise to an amazing mixture.

“Turkmenistan impressed me also with the fact that for you the folk, national, traditional is not something from history. They surround your everyday life: you wear national decorations, listen to folk music, live in the modern world, which comes along with the past. It delights me endlessly. Being able to touch this harmony makes me happy. This is my first arrival in Turkmenistan, but I hope to come here soon to understand how you manage to make a fusion of traditions and modern trends, people’s background and the present time.

Having in mind her vocation, Ravan measures everything through the prism of musical art:

“Turkmen music has a lot in common with Arabic. Your musicians instantly catch Arabic melody, its melodiousness and immediately perform it unmistakably. This is probably due to the fact that we have a lot from Turkish music. We, in turn, also use such traditional for Turkish people musical instruments as dombra, oud, percussion. Our musicians, like yors, are familiar these instruments. And, conversely, elements of the Arab musical culture are in your works. Therefore, we do not feel much of a difference, as we do not feel the language barrier – we understand each other perfectly. It seems that we united by the delicate language of music, which give a rise to similar feelings and emotions”.

At the concert, Ravan led the public through this barrier as if it was not at all. She shared each of her emotions with the audience to make it common. The fans of her talent and those who heard her music for the first time were unanimous in assessing her music. She said that when she saw Ashgabat, it was kind of a love form the first site; she amazed with the clean and white marble city, Turkmen culture and fine music lovers who had gathered at the concert and, the audience reciprocated her feelings.