The EU will present a new Strategy for Central Asia in May

The EU will present a new Strategy for Central Asia in May

The European Union will publish a new strategy for Central Asia, which will be aimed at enhancing cooperation between the countries of the region and Brussels in May this year.

As Boris Yaroshevich, head of the Central European Directorate of the European Diplomatic Service, noted, the EU countries will have to ratify the Strategy in the summer, after which in July, High Representative of European Diplomacy Federica Mogherini will meet with foreign ministers of Central Asia to officially present the document.

The strategy will address current issues related to environmental protection, climate change, as well as the topic of youth and higher education. The document, which is designed for a 10-year period, will contribute to the definition of programs of cooperation of the European Union with the countries of Central Asia.

A separate section of the Strategy covers reforms in the development of entrepreneurship and the coordination of the actions of the regions of the two parts of the world.

In 2007, the first EU strategy for Central Asia was adopted. In it, Central Asia is viewed as a region of strategic interests of the EU in terms of security, sustainability, as well as energy management and diversification.

This year, the European Union intends to open its diplomatic mission in Turkmenistan. This was stated by Federica Mogherini following the results of the EU-Central Asia ministerial meeting in the Belgian capital last November.

This issue was also discussed during the visit of EU Special Representative for Central Asia Peter Burian to Ashgabat on January 31.