The Decline of Coal Generation in Europe

The Decline of Coal Generation in Europe


The Polish government intends to allocate 6 billion euros to fight smog in the framework of the environmental program, which received the working title “Clean Air”.

The given decision is connected with the escalated problem of air pollution in the country. Since the beginning of the year, a high concentration of PM10 harmful particles in the air has been observed. It is alleged that the reason is that many private houses in Poland are heated by coal, and many power stations in the country operate on it.

In an interview with Polish Radio, the Polish Minister of the Environment, Henrik Kowalczyk, spoke about the details of the program: “This program will cover, first and foremost, private homes that produce the most harmful emissions. We intend to offer partial compensation in the process of modernization and replacement of heating sources, that is, coal furnaces to other sources that do not produce harmful emissions, for example, electric or gas heaters.”

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