The Cup of Turkmenistan in boxing, or about importance of spectators in sports

The Cup of Turkmenistan in boxing, or about importance of spectators in sports

Spectators – an integral part of any sport. After all, the hotter is support, the brighter is competition and victory is sweeter.

The Federation of Boxing of Turkmenistan with support of the Ministry of Sports and the Youth Policy organized for admirers of this fighting sport a real holiday – the Cup of Turkmenistan in boxing. The entertainment show, which has united all outstanding sportsmen and sportswomen of the country, pleased fans throughout five days.

The class tendency – to arrange sports shows to involve the more attention in extensive sports programs and national movement of healthy lifestyle is supported by the increasing quantity of sports federations of the country.

And boxers have established a new level: on the platform of the Olympic village in sports show not only stars of the platform and creative groups, but also representatives of other sports associations took part.

Fights in the ring established in the open-air, drew the attention of the growing generation and adult admirers of boxing as well. Many sportsmen during the tournament had new fans whose support warmed up that hot atmosphere of duels.

An exact blow is an amicable breath of the stand. The successful block is applause. And names – set of the new names scanned over the arena. Spectators were ready to sit late, supporting the favourites.

Whether it helped sportsmen? Definitely it did not leave them indifferent. Someone gave all the best over own possibilities, someone fought to the bitter end, someone dared at dangerous attacks.

– Ten gold medallists – today, best of the best deserved ovation and thanked the public for attention. Aynabat Jumamuradova (51 kg), Gulzada Jorakulieva (69 kg), Saidjan Babajanov (52 kg) Yhlas Gylychjanov (57 kg), Shukur Ovezov (63 kg), Sandjar Sapaev (69 kg), Serdar Amangeldyev (75 kg), Bahtiyar Masharipov (81 kg), Rasul Yuldashev (91 kg) and Baky Toychiev (+91 kg) bathed in applause and attention.

For them the final stage of the Cup of Turkmenistan in boxing became really triumphal.

Now the Ministry of Sports and the Youth Policy plans to follow further to the generated trend and to involve spectators at stands in sports superiority more actively.

And, who knows, boys suddenly crying out from delight and little girls in some years will ascend to a pedestal?

Altyn Ashyrova