The country of happy children: exhibition of children’s drawings in the museum

The country of happy children: exhibition of children’s drawings in the museum

Every year, on the first day of summer, the International Children’s Day is celebrated around the world, as part of which events and celebrations are held in many countries. It has already become a good tradition in Turkmenistan to congratulate kids, including young artists, historians and naturalists at the State Museum of the State Cultural Center.

The exposition of children’s drawings, handcrafts and applications invites adults to look at everyday reality through the eyes of a child. And it was no accident that the exhibition was titled “Turkmenistan is the country of happy children”, because kids were inspired by their homeland, the landscapes of their native land, the environment, and what they see around them every day.

Therefore, the exhibits include so many pictures of Akhalteke horses, the national carpet patterns and the dutar, a traditional musical instrument found in almost every creative family. Big inventors and dreamers, children in many of their handcrafts showed creativity. So, for example, the landscape of the Avaza resort is made of seashells, and the still life of a colorful bunch of flowers, if you look closely, is composed of different grains such as rice, buckwheat and even watermelon seeds.

Looking at all this beauty, you understand that the kids have deserved a great holiday. And employees of the State Museum, the exhibition organizers, gave them such an opportunity.

In a festive atmosphere, each participant in the exhibition-contest of children’s creative works was awarded memorable prizes and certificates. There were no first or last places, since each manifestation of talent requires friendly support and attention. And to be handed an honorary certificate by the State Museum Director and shake hands with such a “serious” person overfilled with a sense of pride even the smallest artists.

Uncle Ashir, the favorite hero of all boys and girls, came to congratulate the children. The host of various children’s television shows and games, Ashir-aga organized a small quiz for children, asking them his most tricky riddles. At the end of his presentation, he congratulated everyone on the completion of the school year and wished them to have a good vacation. But the surprises didn’t end there. Suddenly, a cheerful clown animator appeared in front of the kids, who checked how smart and mobile young talents were.

– There are three hobby groups for children at our museum where they study painting, history and nature,” Museum Director Ovezmuhammet Mammetnurov says, – The kids have the opportunity to study directly in the museum throughout the year, and a creative exposition is the result of this training. Children often participate in our events and exhibitions. Everyone can become a member of a creative group. We are planning new programmes for children during the next six months such as “Museum through the eyes of a young artist”, “… of a young naturalist” and so on.

The exhibition also has a historical corner, displaying black and white photographs, old dolls and toys so that acquaint the kids with a way of life of their ancestors many years ago. It should be noted that some simple games are still popular among the current generation. For example, the game of alchik (sheep’s heel bone), trains accuracy, dexterity and hand motor skills.

Children leave the museum happy and delighted. Very soon they will go on vacation to summer recreation camps, and just now the kids congratulate each other on the success at the exhibition and make new creative plans. After all, they always have plenty of ideas for creating new paintings.